Highly skilled staff is the most important asset of any IT company nowadays. We care for our employees by exploring and experimenting new ideas to create the perfect work environment.

Besides salary, our company provides numerous allowances, provisions and bonuses including:

Daily lunch
We have contracts with multiple nearby restaurants and cafes. Employees can go to any of them for free lunch daily.

Our employees are fully covered by social and health insurance.

Salary loan
Contract between Khan bank and our company entitles our employees to salary loans with reduced interest.

Allowances and aids
We care for the social well-being of our employees and assist them with monetary aids on occasions including marriage, newborn child, accident and decease of a family member, etc.

Free medical examination is organized by our company every year.

Employees can join basketball and tennis groups and train at discounted price at contracted fitness clubs. Sports festival is organized twice annually and everyone is expected to attend actively.

We invite professionals and experts from other companies for speeches and seminars to boost the development of our engineers. Attending professional courses, passing professional exams and obtaining certificates are highly encouraged by company policy. Japanese language courses take place twice weekly in multiple levels.

Transportation cost
Allowance for daily commute is included in salary.

Social events
Interesting events, competitions and trips out of the city are organized year-round to boost our employees’ productivity, to give them a chance to express themselves and to bond them together as a team.

Our library has a wide range of books covering various topics including programming, engineering and management etc. Employees can order books they are interested from abroad.

Daily work schedule – we’re on flextime. You can choose to work on different schedule every day.


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